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Health treatment services at SCVC

Diagnosis and treatment combined

At SCVC, specialists have access to a wide array of cardiothoracic services, including pacing and devices, ablation and cryotherapy, stent insertion, TAVI, bypass operations, and valve replacements. Despite this, most patients attending SCVC do not require hospital care, making it a truly modern one-stop diagnostic and treatment centre.

Our multidisciplinary team approach includes a 24/7 call centre, a comprehensive cardiac imaging array, patient care coordination, a digital medical and imaging cloud, efficient paper and electronic prescribing, and a range of expert consultations. We offer services from expert consultants, senior nurse practitioners in heart failure, secondary care specialist nurses, pacing technicians, nutritional therapists, and home care monitoring services. This comprehensive infrastructure and expert team ensure effective preventative measures and optimal medical therapy for established cardiac conditions, all conveniently located under one roof.

Secondary prevention clinic

Operated by an experienced cardiology nurse practitioner with prescribing certification, our secondary prevention clinic is designed for patients with established heart disease who prefer a periodic or one-off assessment instead of a formal specialist consultant review.

This approach is a cost-effective and practical addition to our team, adding value to our integrated care programs. It is particularly beneficial as our primary care colleagues and their own teams face increasing demands on the national healthcare system.

Specialist nurse lipid clinic

Evolving evidence underscores the need to lower LDL cholesterol in patients with past cardiovascular events or at high risk, identified through advanced CT and AI techniques. Responding to 2022 NICE guidelines that set stricter cholesterol targets, many at-risk patients still struggle to meet these goals or aren’t adequately tested. To tackle this, we’ve established a nurse-led lipid clinic, guided by expert consultant cardiologists and lipidologists.

This clinic provides access to the latest drug combinations and care pathways, making it a crucial resource for patients aiming to optimise their lipid profiles. Recognising the importance of metabolic pathways and glucose management, this innovative service, anticipated to attract considerable interest, is a cost-effective addition enhancing our secondary prevention efforts.


If you’re worried about heart disease risk or managing existing conditions, dietary and lifestyle changes are key. With a scarcity of dietitians and nutritional therapists in the UK, our clinic is fortunate to have experts providing specialised advice to patients. These therapists are available through GP or consultant referrals, or patients can self-refer. 

Our Metabolic Health Assessment, supervised and interpreted by our faculty dietitians and nutritional therapists, offers a comprehensive assessment, allowing patients to understand and improve their metabolic health profile. This includes addressing abnormal metabolic indicators, such as spiking glucose levels associated with inflammatory processes in heart and cerebrovascular diseases.

We can then aid patients in enhancing their metabolic health, partly through continuous glucose monitors. These devices, supplied and fitted by our clinic, provide real-time glucose management insights, empowering patients to take proactive steps in their healthcare journey.

Heart failure clinic

Heart failure has become an epidemic among people over the age of 70 across Surrey and Hampshire. There is a significant number of patients in need, being managed by a combination of hospital and community care services, which are burdened by increasing workloads.

We have a specialist nurse practitioner experienced in heart failure, running clinics where periodic assessments and adjustments of medication are conducted. This provides a highly cost-effective alternative to traditional consultant cardiology care. With our specialist nurse practitioners’ (SNPs) connections to the entire heart failure team within the local NHS trusts and community, it’s an excellent option for patients seeking optimisation of therapy and addition of new drugs. Patients have the option of being referred to one of our specialist heart failure consultant cardiologists if necessary.

Pacing therapy

For patients fitted with a pacemaker or cardiac medical device, efficient access to a pacing technician working alongside a cardiologist is crucial for optimum care. The pacemaker, acting like a car engine management system, may need adjustments to achieve the best heart rate response to exercise and to optimise cardiac output.

Our team includes senior cardiac technicians from each of the local trusts, managing this program for our private patients. This includes the option of our home care contract, allowing for regular data uploads from devices in the patient’s own home. Integrated into our care record and accessible to all consultant cardiologists, SCVC devices service has been designed to provide patients with pacemakers and devices the highest possible quality of service.

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