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Self-referral for private consultation

Private health treatment services at SCVC

Refer yourself directly

Although our consultants find a GP referral letter extremely helpful for background, past medical history and current medication, due to changing times, patients no longer need a GP referral letter prior to attending our clinic to see most of our consultants.

At SCVC we are big believers in individualised care – so it makes sense that for every referral we receive from either a GP or patient directly, we provide a customised and bespoke solution, with some flexible options to suit everyone’s budget. 

Assisting with technology

Some private medical insurance companies ask their customers to obtain a GP referral letter, perhaps to help manage unnecessary referrals, however by offering patients a free pre-consultation process, our team, supported by consultants, can assess the clinical question being raised and can then advise the patient on what is needed. For example, clarifying whether a healthscreen test (reported by a consultant, without the additional cost of consultation), or whether a formal consultation is required.

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