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Pre-consultation and triage

Consultation and clinical services at SCVC


Our unique, free pre-consultation and triage service is designed for patients seeking advice on health symptoms or concerns – particularly useful for patients struggling to work out whether symptoms are significant or just ‘normal for age and fitness’.

Accessing our service is simple. Following an enquiry, we invite patients to complete an online questionnaire which mimics a specialist consultation, or discovery call with our care coordinators, where we collect a basic medical history and key risk factors. This process typically takes 5 to 10 minutes.

Access is simple

Once submitted, our experienced consultants swiftly and accurately triage the patient’s condition. The findings are then relayed by our dedicated patient care coordinators who provide the advice with an estimate of costs for any suggested tests or treatments offered via the Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic.

Importantly, there’s absolutely no obligation to proceed. You are free to take our advice to your GP or progress your care through the NHS.

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Surprisingly affordable

Our service is popular among patients, challenging the misconception that private healthcare is prohibitively expensive. A straightforward series of investigations and consultations at the Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic may be more affordable than you think.

We are committed to providing accessible and high-quality care, guiding you towards better health.