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Pacing and devices clinics

Specialist and expert implant consultancy and clinics

Implant device specialists

At SCVC, we offer comprehensive care for patients fitted with implanted cardiac devices including loop recorders, pacemakers, and ICDs (implantable cardiac defibrillators). It is essential that these devices undergo regular checks to ensure they are working correctly to help manage your health condition.

Unlike busy NHS clinics, we streamline the process by performing device checks and consultations simultaneously, reducing delays in communication and actions based on test results.

Uniquely placed

A cardiac technician takes a 10-minute download from the device, after which any required programming changes are made. The consultant cardiologist reviews the technical report and provides additional treatment recommendations.

Unique to SCVC, we can check devices from any manufacturer, offering one of Surrey’s few private services for such comprehensive device management.

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Device-safe MRI

Our pacing clinic also enables us to conduct cardiac MRI and general MRI for patients with implanted devices.

Technicians set the devices to safe mode pre-scan and restore original settings post-scan, ensuring uninterrupted care. This integrated approach sets us apart as a one-stop solution for patients needing both device checks and MRI services.

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