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Providing independent clinical excellence since 2005

Our Partners

Working with the world's leading expertise and excellence

Global leaders

Our partners are crucial to our success, enabling us to deliver the highest quality of patient care. We meticulously choose from among the global leaders in their respective fields and rigorously trial, test and verify prior to collaboration or integration with our services to create an expert testing and diagnostic environment. 

VCL Heartscan Direct

SCVC hosts VCL (Virtual Cath Lab), the new diagnostic facility that combines the latest CT scanning, imaging technology and AI. It enables SCVC to provide one-stop clinics that allow cardiologists to read CT scans immediately after they are taken, streamlining patient care and potentially leading to earlier, more effective interventions.

A Clinical Diagnostic Centre with a difference (CDC+)

Our image transfer systems, such as IEP, are integrated into local and London teaching hospitals, so where necessary our patients therefore have direct access to centres of excellence where many of our faculty have NHS consultant posts. By offering a team-based approach with sophisticated investigations, including CT and MRI, as well as a 24/7 call centre, there is seldom a need to visit A&E for unplanned care and only the need to visit hospital for major surgery or cancer care.

Technology partners

Our technology partners are integral to providing state-of-the-art medical care at SCVC, where top-notch imaging and physiological testing are essential.

Healthcare and research partners

Working with renowned institutions ensures we have access to the latest specialist research and developments in healthcare.

Health insurance providers

We work with leading health insurance providers including: