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One-stop clinics

Avoid multiple appointments with our convenience planning

Comprehensive and convenient

At SCVC we specialise in combining consultation with testing in one convenient visit.

We operate scanners and ECG services alongside our consultation rooms, and with our team of patient care coordinators, it is possible to schedule consultation and tests together to confirm a final diagnosis there and then, without additional delay or multiple appointments.

Our specialist one-stop clinics are listed below:

One-stop chest pain clinic

Probably one of the only facilities in the UK where a patient with concerns and experiencing chest symptoms can be assessed by an experienced consultant with an ECG, stress ECG and/or an accurate non-invasive CT coronary angiogram, all in one visit.

One-stop breathless clinic

Breathlessness can be caused by many factors including both heart and lung conditions.

Our breathless clinics and screening packages are operated and overseen by both cardiologist and chest consultants so that patients and their GPs don’t have to worry which specialist service to refer to – by offering both cardiac and pulmonary testing as part of the initial assessment, we cover all causes.

One-stop pacing clinic

Patients who have a medical device, such as a pacemaker or ICD, need regular checks. Our cardiac technicians work alongside our cardiologists, so that where necessary, the patient can have a consultation shortly after their pacemaker check.

One-stop heart valve clinic

For many patients with a heart valve issue – either one that has been replaced, or one or more heart valves that might one day need replacing, it is essential to have a regular echocardiogram with a cardiologist review to discuss the results.

At SCVC, our echocardiographers work along side our cardiologists to make this possible in one visit. We also archive our echocardiogram imaging using UltraLinQ, which means your echocardiogram can be reviewed in full from anywhere – and if necessary sent via IEP to any other hospital or clinic on request.

Save time with a one-stop clinic

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If you’re uncertain whether you need a one-stop clinic assessment, or one of our healthscreening services instead, use our free pre-consultation service so that our leading consultants can review your details and advise on your options without obligation or charge.

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