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Occupational health testing

Required health testing for work and play at SCVC

CAA and pilot testing

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has strict standards for pilots to be routinely assessed for cardiovascular and other risks of abrupt incapacity. In many pilots over a certain age, or with preexisting medical conditions, this requires biannual exercise testing with more formal investigation if any symptoms or changes develop on a screening 12 lead ECG. 

We offer stress tests, ECG, and other CAA-approved forms of investigation for pilots requiring formal testing as part of their occupational test workup. We have a steady stream of pilots passing through our clinic as a result.

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Local council and PSVC licence holders

Local authorities and councils are required to certify taxi drivers for licensing purposes. Those of a certain age, or with past medical conditions such as coronary artery disease, need regular exercise testing. We are happy to help provide this test according to strict protocol and reporting criteria.

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International racing licence holders

Racing drivers with international driving licences for racing abroad require a fitness to race certificate from a GP or occupational health physician, who often struggle to provide the stress ECG that forms part of the standard. We therefore have very competitive rates for international driving driver licence treadmill testing; price on application.

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