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Metabolic Health

Learn what works for you and what doesn't

Healthy metabolism starts with steady glucose

Our Metabolic Health Assessment is designed to offer a comprehensive dive into how your body tackles glucose.

Even without abnormal readings of traditional markers of diabetes or pre-diabetic status, increased glucose variability (GV) and transiently raised blood glucose in non-diabetics is widely considered to be a potentially important risk factor for:

  • Increased risk of developing diabetes, or impaired glucose tolerance.
  • Increased systemic inflammation linked to arthritis and atherosclerosis.
  • Symptomatic low glucose post high glucose, causing daytime fatigue.
  • Future atherosclerotic heart and cerebrovascular disease, including dementia and stroke.
  • Possible premature ageing and wrinkles (glycosylation of collagen).
  • Increased BMI, due to insulin resistance.

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The Metabolic Health Assessment is available for patients of all ages*.

Our top package includes the following:

  • MHA registration form, assisted by our team
  • Continuous glucose monitor (AKA CGM), fitted or assisted by our team
  • Daily log, added to your smartphone’s home screen
  • Fasting blood glucose and insulin (requires 8-10 hours of fasting prior)
  • A glucose tolerance test (2 hours post fasting glucose)
  • HbA1c, a marker of red cell glycosylation
  • Lymphocyte-Neutrophil Ratio – a marker of oxidative stress
  • High sensitivity CRP, a marker of active inflammation
  • Advanced lipid profile, Apo lipoprotein B, LP (a), Homocysteine
  • Expert report and recommendations

*18 years or over. In order to undertake this assessment, you must have access to a smartphone.

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