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Men’s health

Essential men's health packages at SCVC

Designed for men

Men have a lower life expectancy than women, and are also less likely to engage in health screening. This discrepancy has inspired SCVC to create a specialised men’s health program, targeting men who seldom visit their GP.

SCVC primarily focuses on cardiovascular health. However, issues such as high blood pressure, weight gain associated with poor metabolic health, sleep disorders, and erectile dysfunction often remain unnoticed and unreported for years. These issues gradually harm overall health. 

Diagnosis, prevention, intervention

Our men’s health assessments aim to detect common medical conditions such as glucose spikes (indicative of excessive weight gain and potential pre-diabetic or insulin-resistant states), cardiovascular diseases, and prostate cancer. The main goals are accurate diagnosis and effective prevention through education, lifestyle changes, and evidence-based medical interventions when needed.

Our men’s health clinics have been designed in partnership with the prostate centre and are run by specialist nurse practitioners, supervised by expert consultants, and offer cutting-edge technology, including smartphone apps for real-time health monitoring. Fast-track, one-stop-shop pathways provide immediate access to diagnostic tests such as virtual coronary angiography and CaRi Heart scores, which are highly accurate for early detection of coronary heart disease.

Men's health packages

SCVC men’s health packages start from £499 and include:

  • Detailed health questionnaire
  • Blood pressure and urine check
  • Cholesterol and fasting blood sugar
  • 12 lead ECG

Optional additions:

  • Stress ECG
  • Screening echocardiogram
  • Cardiac CT with AI (CaRi Heart Score)
  • Metabolic Health Assessment (including CGM)
  • Prostate cancer screening, including the option of MRI prostragram

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