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Long term care and monitoring

Supporting long term healthcare with SCVC

Making long term care easier

At SCVC, we offer both the traditional model of regular private patient outpatient consultations for those in need, alongside smarter alternatives.

We have a range of options for patients to choose from, including specialist nurse practitioner follow-ups for straightforward conditions with escalation to consultants as needed, home care monitoring options, and our latest MS contract currently in beta testing, catering to a wide range of needs.

Alleviating concern for the future

Once diagnosed with conditions such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, or a heart valve abnormality, patients are understandably concerned about their future. The increasing complexity and pressure on the healthcare system means that more patients with long-term medical conditions are being lost to follow-up, sometimes leading to conditions progressing without medical intervention.

The traditional model of regular visits to a specialist or GP is no longer feasible for many patients due to capacity limits and high costs. To resolve this issue we offer a range of clinics and options that can be tailored to your needs.

SNP Coronary Care Clinics

Our specialist nurse practitioner secondary care clinics are an excellent option for patients with previous stents or heart attacks, ensuring care follows the latest evidence-based guidance, including lipid targets.

SNP Lipid Clinics

Specialist lipid clinics run by SNPs under consultant lipidologist supervision are established for high-risk patients with raised LDLs, ensuring access to the latest therapies including latest PCSK9 inhibitors. 

SNP Heart Failure Clinics

Heart failure clinics run by our specialist nurse practitioner offer excellent care through periodic appointments and telephone check-ups.

Focussed Echo Clinics

For those with a heart valve replacement or abnormal valve requiring periodic assessment, we offer a (abbreviated) focussed echocardiographic assessment which, either combined with usual GP, specialist appointments or our new Patient AI packages, provides a welcome  initiative to tackle a big problem using smart and more affordable technology. 

Patient-led ‘AI’ care

SCVC is the pilot site for “MyMedicalSpace,” (MMS), launching in 2024, an app-based initiative where patients collect and upload key health metrics (selected by their consultant).

Our technology compiles these into AI-analysed tables to identify trends early. Reports are reviewed by a medical practitioner or specialist nurse without seeing the patient before being sent to the patient and their GP, creating an efficient and affordable form of long-term follow-up. By taking responsibility to collect and submit their health metrics data this futuristic addition genuinely places the patient at the centre of their own healthcare.

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