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Company Employee Wellness Initiative

Posted on Friday February 23, 2024 in Health Screening

With a combination of state-of-the-art imaging, the ability to predict future heart attacks and atherosclerosis many years before symptoms occur, along with our advanced echocardiography, ECG, and blood testing services, SCVC/VCL are in a good position to offer advanced wellness programmes for companies wishing to provide the very best available preventative care for their employees and directors.

We have designed a package of core tests, largely funded by the employer, where the employee attends our one stop clinical diagnostic centre (CDC) to have advanced health screening. These packages go way above and beyond what is offered in any of the standard available health screening packages available at general screening services elsewhere, with the possible exception of some very exclusive executive programs, affordable by few.

What is the core programme?

In essence, all employees and directors have a pre consultation step, where a consultant cardiologists evaluates their individual risk: those employees over the age of 40 years of age are then in most cases offered a full cardiac CT angiogram with the CaRi-Heart AI technology for coronary inflammation measurement, which is the best available predictor of future cardiac events. For those under 40 yrs  (where an ionising radiation test cannot be justified unless there are symptoms or major CHD risk factors), we arrange  a screening echocardiogram instead, which is an ultrasound test capable of picking up heart muscle and valve abnormalities, some of which have serious health implications.

Our packages are always bundled with a 12-lead ECG, Blood pressure check, blood lipid testing, and a consultant cardiologist report, which means in most cases, there is no need for any further consultation or investigation.

For those participating in this scheme, we offer the employees the option to access to discounted additional tests that they may be interested in. This will be a very individual choice, depending on their past history, ambition in sports, and own health concerns.

How does it work?

It is helpful to know prior to attendance whether any of these tests are being considered, as in some cases, they can be offered on the same day.

The range of tests that are discounted for our corporate employees schemes include:

  • – A screening echocardiogram for those over 40, having the CT/MRI scan, those who wish to have peace of mind about any other structural heart problems that may be relevant. For example, if they want to undertake an endurance event, then it’s useful to know that there is no cardiomyopathy or valve issue that would not be detected by the CT scan.
  • The upgrade from screening echo to full echocardiogram, the option to pay an additional £150 to have the echo technician immediately undertake a full Doppler color echocardiogram, which is then separately reported by the Cardiologist. This is particularly useful where abnormalities are found on the screening echocardiogram, which would otherwise require a separate visit to have a full echocardiogram.
  •  Blood testing for other markers including PSA, FSH, LH hormone testing to assess menopause hormones, Vitamin D levels, since many are deficient, thyroid function tests in case fatigue or weight gain are of concern, PSA for men over 50.
  • Metabolic health assessment, which involves wearing a continuous glucose monitor for two weeks, and keeping accurate food diaries and photographing everything one eats so that the qualified dietitians and nutritional therapists who report this test can advise on lifestyle measures that may be necessary should abnormal glucose metabolism be detected. For more information see separate article.
  • ECG Stress testing, popular with all pilots and HGV license holders, is also useful for those who wish to consider an endurance event and want to make sure that with full blood pressure and ECG monitoring, they are able to sustain high levels of workload without undue strain on their circulation
  • Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring using the very latest blood pressure monitoring band, worn for a week, it gives you an accurate, non-intrusive method that measures your blood pressure continuously over seven days.
  • Lung scanning, for those who have been a smoker or have a family history of lung cancer, there is now evidence that lung scanning is highly effective and worthwhile.
  • Ambulatory ECG monitoring, using the latest technology, we can record arrhythmias with every single heartbeat being looked at over a two-week period, wearing an ECG patch test.

If any of the above are of interest for employers or employees attending a company wellness check, it may be worth mentioning at the time of the discovery call or during their pre-consultation questionnaire, so that the patient care coordinators can advise about the tests and the costs involved.

Substantial discounts are available for employees attending these wellness checks as part of the package offered to their companies.

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