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Providing independent clinical excellence since 2005

Independent healthcare sector

Going Private

Modern healthcare is complicated. No one system will ever meet the demand.

If you have an accident or need emergency care, irrespective of who you are, you will receive 1st class treatment and attention by the NHS,  the world’s leading public health service.

For non emergency medical matters and concerns, our NHS struggles to cope, which is where team SCVC may be able to help.

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You dont need private medical insurance to access our independent healthcare clinic

SCVC operates a 24/7 call centre, alongside a free pre-consultation process. We are fortunate to host VCL, the UK’s largest independent provider of advanced cardiac CT and AI-guided cardiovascular imaging platforms, for accurate and speedy diagnosis.

Our team of patient care coordinators are here to advise you on next steps, and any costs involved. Over half our patients do not have private medical insurance, they use both NHS and private services like ours.

Referrals or concerns can generally be triaged within 2 working days by our specialist consultants and allied healthcare professionals. We are proud to be a great example of ‘hospital experts working in the community’, using the latest tools to provide care you need, in most cases, without ever needing to visit a hospital.

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