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Your metabolism

Food and Lifestyle Choices matter

Every human is unique and digests food differently

There is increasing evidence that the combination of our modern lifestyle, and what we eat, may be damaging our future health, as a result of invisible ‘inflammation’, mediated by glucose dysregulation and other metabolic factors.

Join us in our ambition to help patients, both with and without known heart disease, to find lifestyle and food choices that will give them the best chance of a long and healthy life, while becoming less dependent on seeing ‘the doctor’.

With our technology and guidance, you can manage it  yourself.

We will guide you through wearing a CGM and advise on what the results mean.

Our private metabolic health assessment is suitable from  18 yrs, where you will wear a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for 10-14 days and use our app to keep food and lifestyle diaries. Our report will highlight any metabolic issues that are present and our team of doctors, dieticians, nutritional therapists and life coaches are at hand to help you fix any metabolic abnormalities, where necessary.

For people who have already completed a CGM, we also offer an option for you to share your data, so we can process and advise on your results, without the need for formal consultation.

For more information see our Metabolic Health articles.