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Friends and family referral discounts

Packages for groups of friends and family

For yourself and your family and friends

Many of our patients attend SCVC through word of mouth and we fully appreciate that satisfied customers are an important way of attracting other patients through their own recommendation.

When it comes to health screening, patients that have passed through our pathways are excellent ambassadors for us, and so in recognition of their support, we have discounts and incentives available to look after groups of 5 or more patients signing up to any one of our healthscreens.

Something for everyone

Navigating the health screening marketplace can be a challenge for many people, so hearing about a good experience from a friend or member of your family is always a good start.

Whether it’s a group of friends or members of your family that you may be concerned about, by getting in touch and working with us to put together a discounted proposal to benefit your own group is a great way of looking after everyone and sharing knowledge about the very latest technology in this field.

Discover how we can help

For more information about friends and family discount incentives, contact our team today.

Email or call 01483 467100.