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Corporate healthcare packages

SCVC specialist staff healthcare packages for businesses

Tailored care for leadership and workforce

SCVC is fortunate to be located in an area of South East England where many large companies operate. We have therefore fully engaged with HR departments and directors to provide corporate health benefits for their employees and board members. 

We invite each company to invest in their staff by offering a range of sophisticated and bespoke packages designed around specific needs, whether you are a football club required to screen for heart conditions or a large enterprise with concerns about the future impact of an increasingly unhealthy workforce.

Something for everyone

At SCVC, where our consultants tap into the very latest technology and evidence based science, there really is something for everyone. With co-pay models available, the benefits we can help employers bring to their workforce can be achieved at a surprisingly low cost.

Corporate healthcare packages range from metabolic testing with nutritional therapy advice and guidance, designed to identify and treat unhealthy glucose spikes seen in many adults over the age of 20 (due to modern lifestyle and dietary habits), to ECG and blood pressure testing, right up to the more advanced, AI-processed heart scans that identify individuals over 40 who are at major risk of future heart attacks.

Discover how we can help your business

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