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Consultation and clinical services at SCVC

A unique understanding

At SCVC, we are fortunate in hosting a faculty of leading specialist consultants and therefore can arrange a comprehensive range of specialist consultations for patients with (or concerned about) cardiovascular, gastroenterological, renal and respiratory conditions. Consultants from many other branches of medicine oversee our health screening and cancer prevention programmes, so where necessary, patients can then be referred to the relevant specialist privately, or under an NHS contract.

We understand that each patient’s situation is unique and require individualised care, often with a specific consultant in mind, whether privately or by NHS contract.

The right consultant for you

Patients or their General Practitioners (GPs) can conveniently access information about our team of specialists via our website. On our consultant pages, you’ll find a wealth of information and the direct contact details of each consultant’s private patient assistant (PA) for the best starting point for a consultation.

We strive to make the process of selecting and reaching out to the right healthcare professional as smooth as possible.

Our consultants

Urgent care

In urgent situations where a GP or patient requires immediate care, a generic referral can be made to SCVC. We’ll then make every effort to ensure a timely consultation with the appropriate specialist.

We recognise that due to factors such as high demand, consultants being on annual leave, or attending professional conferences, delays can occur. However, our primary commitment is to minimise waiting times and provide prompt, specialised care tailored to our patients’ needs.