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Clinical investigations

Comprehensive medical testing at SCVC

Unique cutting edge testing facilities

Patients attending SCVC can expect to experience cutting edge facilities and testing they simply won’t experience anywhere else outside of a major hospital, because at SCVC we are passionate about what we do and engage in new and exciting technologies as they become available. 

Our range of on-site services include: echo, x-ray, CT and MRI imaging, ECGs and no less than four different types of ambulatory ECG monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood tests and world-class coronary heart, lung and cancer tests.

Investment in imaging

We built our entire program around ensuring that patients in need will have good access to both private and NHS specialist providers, and their expert groups.

We have invested in secure image transfer systems such as IEP, advanced workstation reporting softwares and the latest cutting edge technology. We are then able to pass the entire medical record, including all the original medical images, to the relevant healthcare individuals for further medical care, as required. 

Metabolic and blood testing

There is increasing awareness that modern lifestyles, processed food and even healthy diets including fruit may be damaging us from an early age by causing glucose spikes or highs. Latest research indicates glucose spikes contribute to systemic inflammation, believed to be contributing to many health conditions, including coronary artery disease.

Our Metabolic Health Screen provides a comprehensive assessment of an individual patient’s metabolism, including glucose variability, as well as traditional measures of inflammation and glucose homeostasis.


We offer screening echocardiograms at the lowest price in our geographic area, focussed echocardiograms (to look at single structures) and full echocardiogram Doppler examinations, reported by consultant cardiologists. Echocardiography with strain analysis is popular for oncology surveillance. We operate two echocardiogram lists on busy days, and all our examinations are uploaded to cloud workstation and storage systems for reporting and access by clinicians in any NHS or private hospital elsewhere.


We utilise the latest low dose X-ray imaging tools, which means images are immediately available to our one-stop breathless clinic, our heart failure team and GP direct access clinics. 


Operated by our sister company, VCL Surrey, we have high resolution multislice CT on site, facilitating one-stop chest pain and breathless clinics, as well as advanced CT screening programs for heart disease and cancer detection.


Specialist MRI scans are largely unavailable outside London. At SCVC, our patients, including those with a pacemaker, can access whole body MRI, general MRI, cardiac MRI, screening prostragram, whole body screening MRI and multi-parametric prostate MRI.

All of our imaging modalities benefit from secure cloud storage, meaning we can transfer your images to your doctor and healthcare team, at your request.

ECG and heart rhythm monitoring

At SCVC we offer different types of ECG and heart monitoring to detect arrhythmias, help patients manage symptoms, and ultimately, aid in preventing future disease.

Resting 12 lead ECG

The 12 lead electrocardiogram (ECG) is a basic but very important test that forms part of any cardiac assessment. Heart rhythm ECGs are more important for those with suspected arrhythmias or symptoms of palpitation.

ECG patch

The Preventice ECG patch is waterproof and monitors every heartbeat over 2 weeks. At the end, the device is posted back to our supplier where an analysis is undertaken by AI and a technician, before being uploaded to a secure cloud for us to review and share.

Home rhythm recorders

For many patients diagnosed with an arrhythmia home monitoring is required. Our teams and consultants specialise in supplying and coaching our patients how to use these – and are then on hand and available to help manage interpretation of results, and what actions, if any, need to be taken.

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Functional stress testing

Often used by cardiologists for the detailed assessment of coronary heart disease. These tests are also used to investigate exertional symptoms, and in healthscreening and occupational testing – particularly in certain industries such as aviation, HGV, PSVC and racing driving.

Functional tests include:

  • Stress ECG
  • Stress Echo
  • Stress MRI

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Blood pressure assessment

Hypertension, or raised blood pressure, is often called ‘the silent killer’ as if left untreated it is a major cause of preventable heart failure and stroke, so an accurate blood pressure measurement is vital part of any cardiology assessment. Clinic recordings can be distorted by the ‘white coat effect’ so we have techniques and equipment to ensure our patients can have accurate assessment in their own home.

Ambulatory 24 hr

The ambulatory 24 hr BP is the gold standard assessment. Fitted by our technicians, this device takes a reading of blood pressure every 30 minutes (and every hour at night) to build up the most accurate picture of the blood pressure outside our clinic.

7 day BP wrist band

We can now accurately and unobtrusively assess BP over a week using a wrist band which looks like a Fitbit but measures BP every 2 hours day and night. Perfect for white coat hypertensives!

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