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Blood tests

Specialist blood testing at Surrey Research Park

Outstanding pathology

We are located in Surrey Research Park, where a number of outstanding pathology labs are also situated. This allows us to provide standard pathology blood tests and cutting-edge screening tests, particularly for cancer markers offered as part of our men’s health programme.

Our team of nurses undertake phlebotomy in most cases. However, patients are also able to attend pathology labs directly if that specific blood test requires it. For example, a fasting, early-morning blood test is needed for certain condition, where the blood must be separated and frozen within 20 minutes.

Extensive bood test options

We offer over 200 different blood and urine tests that our consultants can specify.

We also offer three bedside tests that are useful for clinic testing, where the result is required as part of the assessment. These include the BNP blood test for heart failure, the D-dimer for evidence of activation of the coagulation system, and the troponin blood test, which is useful for the diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes and myocarditis.

Our team of nurses can run these three tests with results available within 15 minutes, which is very handy for triage of new patients. Other blood tests need to be collected in vacutainer tubes and either spun down overnight in our own centrifuge or sent to the relevant laboratory.

Book a blood test

To discuss the best blood test option for you please complete our enquiry form, and one of our patient care coordinators will be in touch to discuss next steps.

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