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Metabolic Health Assessment

Is is increasingly obvious that not everyone with raised coronary inflammation and elevated risk of heart attack simply has a raised LDL Cholesterol- in fact there appears to be a mixed bag of risk factors associated with high coronary artery inflammation, including raised LDL, raised LP (a), raised Homocysteine, hypertension and dysregulated glucose.   Our metabolic health assessment is therefore designed to offer a comprehensive dive into known contributory causes, the latest and most controversial of which is 'glucose dysregulation', the principle topic of this article.

Why the best blood pressure to have may be the lowest possible without falling over when you stand up

Diastolic heart failure (often referred to as 'Heart failure with preserved Ejection Fraction' or 'HFpEF') arises from ventricular stiffening due to age, hypertension, and various other rarer heart conditions. The aging component of this process is unavoidable, but maintaining optimal blood pressure through midlife is achievable and, if successful, should prevent additional left ventricular stiffening attributed to hypertension. By regularly monitoring blood pressure and using effective medication, we can help patients live longer with healthier hearts.