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Heartscan with AI

A heart scan with latest AI processing can predict your risk of having a heart attack

Coronary inflammation is the cause of coronary artery disease

For over half of all patients presenting with coronary heart disease, the first sign of a problem is a heart attack or sudden death, so it makes sense for everyone over 40 to think about screening.

The latest CT technology can detect coronary inflammation linked to heart attacks for up to a decade beforehand. Where risk is identified, effective prevention measures can be put in place. The earlier raised coronary inflammation is detected, the more effective such prevention measures become.

Why wait to develop symptoms, when you can find out now whether your heart is ‘on fire’?

How is this possible?

We take a high quality CT scan of your coronary arteries, then transmit the imaging data to Caristo (a data processing company), where AI-guided technology is used to  quantify your coronary inflammation and risk. The results are then collated and reviewed by a consultant cardiologist, who issues a report with recommendations.

If you are over 40, a free pre-consultation followed by this advanced CT scan, when combined with our cardiologist written report (included), will tell you whether you are at risk, and if so, what prevention measures are required, so that you and your NHS GP, can take action.

For older patients, where the condition has been present for long enough to quantify using standard CT, there are lower cost options, including coronary artery calcification (CAC) scores and standard contrast CT angiography.


With demand exceeding capacity for CT across the NHS, a CT scan is not available under the NHS for screening purposes. We therefore offer a variety of private one stop CT scans to suit your budget, the most sophisticated of which quantifies coronary inflammation. The equipment and intensive computing power required for the most accurate risk assessment is also one of the most expensive.

At SCVC, we want to ensure we do everything possible to give uninsured patients access to life changing technology. Therefore we offer the pre-consultation step (free) and CT scan, AI data processing bundled with an ECG and blood test and cardiologist report as a discounted package. There is an option for staged, interest-free payment plan over 10 months.

If finding out your personal risk is important for you, get in touch.

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