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At SCVC we offer sophisticated healthscreening and expert medical care, combining decades of experience with the latest technologies for early diagnosis, investigation, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cancer issues.

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The home of heart care and health screening

Our newly refurbished clinic provides direct access to a whole team that is passionate about healthcare delivery.

Our mission is to provide all of our patients with the best available care and the latest information about modern diagnostic and health screening technology in order for everyone to be able to make informed choices and become the centre of their own healthcare.

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Experienced consultants who operate across London, Surrey and Hampshire join our faculty to use its unrivalled facilities. Consultants can refer their patients from anywhere, using electronic referral systems, and can view their patient’s results and images from their private rooms, home or, for NHS patients having private tests, their NHS clinics. They can review their patient immediately after a virtual coronary angiogram in our one stop clinics. These unique arrangements are simply not available from any other private hospital providers.

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Metabolic Health Assessment

Is is increasingly obvious that not everyone with raised coronary inflammation and elevated risk of heart attack simply has a raised LDL Cholesterol- in fact there appears to be a mixed bag of risk factors associated with high coronary artery inflammation, including raised LDL, raised LP (a), raised Homocysteine, hypertension and dysregulated glucose.   Our metabolic health assessment is therefore designed to offer a comprehensive dive into known contributory causes, the latest and most controversial of which is 'glucose dysregulation', the principle topic of this article.