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At Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic we offer comfortable private outpatient facilities, with access to the latest state of the art diagnostic and imaging services. Our services for private patients include:

E-bookings: urgent care and phone Consultation 

The clinic uses an electronic patient record that can be accessed by the patient's Consultants 24/7. We also operate an on line booking system which allows our registered patients to schedule an appointment or obtain telephone advice from a Consultant out of hours. Our e-booking services include:

  • Routine follow up Outpatient Consultation
  • Telephone or Skype Follow up Consultation (tariff varies according to whether in or out of hours)
  • E-Consultation - uses a chat window connected to your consultant 

for more information see our e-bookings pages

One stop specialist clinics
Our specialist one stop clinics conveniently group your appointment with any necessary diagnostic investigations into one initial consultation. Our one stop clinics include:

Other specialist clinics
Our specialist clinics include Consultation from Heart Surgeons, Electrophysiologists, Pacing specialists. With a wide range of consultants working together under one roof, patients are able to benefit from shared knowledge and expert opinions.

  • Cardiac Surgery
  • TAVI (minimally invasive aortic valve replacvement)
  • Pacemaker Clinics
  • ICD and Cardiac resynchronisation (CRT) clinics
  • Remote Monitoring including Carelink

Healthscreening clinics
If you have concerns about a heart problem but no typical symptoms of concern you may want to consider our SCVC Heart Screen.

These services are provided without Consultation to be most cost effective and comprisea nurse questionairre, test PLUS Consultant report. 

For more information see our Heart screen Plus pages