Leading the way to a Healthier Heart
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Welcome to the Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic now celebrating 10 years of clinical excellence.

We are an independent clinic specialising in the early diagnosis, investigation and treatment of patients with all forms of heart disease. With our advanced clinical facilities and friendly, professional staff, we are committed to providing you with excellence across a wide range of screening and consultation services.

At the Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic we're leading the way to a healthier heart.

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SCVC Consultants specialise in cardiac conditions, so are well placed to offer screening for people that are worried they may have potentially dangerous heart conditions. If abnormalities are detected, SCVC can then offer information, further tests and appropriate treatment.

All our Heartscreen+ packages uniquely include a report and conclusion by one our cardiologists, who will review all of the information collected following the Heartscreen +. Early diagnosis means potentially saving lives.


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SCVC now offers online booking with attractive discounts for patients who schedule and pay for their appointments via our Bookingbug pages.  Expert advice can now also be scheduled out of hours by our Consultants using our Urgent Care scheduler-


see our e-bookings pages for more details.